Men Fashion Ice Leather jacket – Jacket

Men fashion ice leather jacket is made using the finest Italian sheepskin. This jacket has gone through a process of color dyed then stonewashed to achieve a crinkle distress look. This slim fit men fashion jacket has a standalone collar with a stud fastening on the neck and a front metal zip covered with snap studs. It has twin chest and side pockets on the front.

Ladies Short & Collarless Leather Jacket – Jacket

A ladies short & collarless leather jacket to catch any eye and bewitch the hearts due to its beautiful diamond pattern on the shoulders. Made considering the measures of quality, durability, and beauty. Made of Nappa Sheepskin and having zipper pockets and zipper closure.

Fashion Men Wrinkle Leather Jacket – Jacket

Fashion men wrinkle leather jacket is made out of finest cowhide but light in weight, This fashion men jacket has been put through a process of high-pressure wash and then tumble dried to give it a wrinkle effect. The end process is based on a light clear wax finish to achieve a slight shine.